This Humanitarian project provides sustainable farm aid and
infrastructure to fight poverty and hunger among orphans and
needy villagers in Kariakomo Parish, Meru, Kenya, Africa
lease note: 
All amounts donated are entirely committed to the project. 
No deductions are made for administration or any other purpose.
To develop the Milking Cow and Goat Project funds are required to achieve the following:
Provide five more Friesian heifers in calf to graze on 30 acres of land – provide milk for the primary School
Build a milking cow shed (for the five cows listed above) including essential infrastructure such as secure
fencing on 30 acres land, build a vermin proof cow feed storage shed and a simple dwelling for a caretaker for
Purchase a herd of 300 village goats to provide a source of income to maintain the project, including secure
fencing, a corral for security for the Goats at night, a vermin proof food storage shed and a 4WD farm vehicle
to enable movement from site to site over terrible roads
Purchase the remaining 30 more Toggenburg Milking Goats so each group, with a grandmother caring for up
to 10 orphans, has a goat to provide milk for the needy children before and after school
Build and provide equipment for a goats Milk processing plant to utilise any surplus Milk from the Toggenburg
goats, a Cooperative, to provide work for women and to produce yoghurt and milk to supply nearby hospitals.
Provide a reliable source of clean water, conservation, sanitation and irrigation
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Please make cheques payable to:
ROTARY AUSTRALIA OVERSEAS AID FUND.  Mark back of cheque: Project 52/2007/8.
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PO Box 216
Healesville 3777
Victoria  Australia